Our People

Working together to deliver the Cambs HIA service

Our Business Support Team

Pictured left to right: Clare Matthews and Rachael Beckett

  • Deal with enquiries
  • Maintain our records
  • Prepare documents, and support the smooth running of the agency

Our Caseworkers

Pictured left to right: Justin Hicks (Senior), Mark Shepherd, Laura Clarke, Melanie Mynott and Tracey Hine

  • Oversee cases
  • Visit and support clients
  • Collect and complete documents, and
  • Monitor the progress of each case

Our Surveyors

Pictured left to right: Anne Devenport

  • Provide technical expertise
  • Undertake design work
  • Check works in progress and on completion, and
  • Deal with regulatory requirements

Our Manager

Frances Swann

  • Oversees the work and plans of the agency
  • Reports to the management board