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Cambridgeshire Home Improvement Agency

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Helping you adapt and maintan your home to suit your needs

Cambs HIA is a not for profit organisation funded and supported by local and central government. We provide advice, support and assistance to elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who own and live in their own property, or those in privately rented or housing association accomodation. We can help you to repair, improve, maintain or adapt your home to meet your changing needs. The purpose of the service is to help people to remain independent, warm, safe and secure in their own homes. Cambs HIA can assist with: 

  • helping you apply for grants/loans
  • getting quotes, checking tenders and appointing a contractor
  • dealing with planning and building control applications
  • project managing works from start to finish
  • ensuring the work is completed to your satisfaction
  • liaising with your local authority to get your grant approved and payments processed.
  • imparting knowledge and expertise about home repairs and adaptions
  • getting information and advice about the options to help you deal with unsuitable housing
  • guidance and assistance if additional funding is needed from other organisations and charities
  • access to our approved and experienced contractors
  • other sources of support, information and assistance that may be useful

Cambs HIA will charge a fee for the work we do on your behalf. This will be calculated as a percentage of the cost of works and will be subject to VAT. We can provide further details of what this cost is likely to be, once we know more about the work you require.

NOTE: if you are a council tenant please go to other services


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