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Plans and Performance

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The performance of the Home Improvemnet Agency is monitored via board that consists of representatives across the three district councils and Cambridgeshire County Council.

The board sets and agrees the strategic direction of the agency with a particular focus on delivering adaptations, funded through disabled facilities grants (DFGs). The role of the agency also includes maxamising the well-being of it's customers.

Annual Review

Explaining what we do and who benefits form our service, including information about our funding and plans.

PDF iconAnnual Report 2017-18

PDF iconAnnual Report 2016-17

 Annual Report 2013-14

 Annual Report 2012-13

Our Aims for 2017-2018

Improving customer service by:

  • Identifying how our customers would prefer to be contacted

  • Updating our customers more on the progress of their case

  • Enabling customers to “self serve” on our website

  • Promoting good news stories on our social media pages

  • Using customer feedback to improve our work

Improve waiting times by:

  • Creating new contractor frameworks
  • Filling vacant posts
  • Working with Housing Associations to speed up the landlord consent process
  • Introduce a tighter performance management culture
  • Working closely with Occupational Therapists to improve the customer’s experience


Deliver a range of interventions by:

  • Develop staff awareness of local health and well being services
  • Encourage people to think about their future housing needs
  • Signposting and referring clients to specialist support agencies
  • Looking at national best practice to further develop our services

General Enquiries

We welcome all enquiries regardless of your financial status. To find out more about the services we can offer:

Phone01954 713330

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Are you eligible?

Our services are available to homeowners, private tenants and Housing Association tenants who are over 60 or on low incomes, and disabled people of all ages.

Grants for adaptations are means tested (unless the adaptation is for a child) and you may be required to make a contribution. If you receive certain benefits then you may automatically qualify for grant funding. 

Check your eligiblility:

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